Nizuc Resort Cancun Luxury Pre Wedding Session - Sapna and Raj


I'm in love with Nizuc

And with all that happens there.

The colors, the calmness, the vibe and the beauty of the place.  

I e-met Sapna and Raj through emails as they booked me for their 2017 wedding, and we finally met in person in October, a few months before their big day, when they had me fly in for their Engagement Session to gorgeous Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancún.  

And what can I say, NIZUC Resort & Spa redefines the standard of luxury in Mexico and around the world. And we all enjoyed the feeling of the mexican spirit and mayan soul. We had an almost summery day, and enough time to take photos, get to know each other, and overall laugh and enjoy the ocean shade of the day.