Night in the City at New York - Robby & Kike


2013.  Yes.  This is a Throwback Wonder.

I'm visiting New York next month for work and immediately thought about this session I did a few years ago.  And as good thing go, it still gives me goosebumps and it still gets me excited.  First, because Roberta and Kike are stunning.  Magazine material. Class-act couple. And second because it was a night to remember. (and you bet we partied afterwards!).

Fast forward to 2017: They now have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy, who goes after the name Baby K, with a hint of Kanye confidence and definite good looks! Robby and Kike have spent these years making a beautiful home out of love, laughter, stories and memories.  

So I thought I'd bring this back as a celebration of their love, their youth, and how alive, happy, crazy and amazing they are while living life together.  

This is their day in New York.  A rainy, busy, stylish and incredible NY day.  

In the city that never sleeps and where strangely and amazingly everything coexists.  And it works.  As love and life...

Mar Pierce