Secret Garden Wedding in Mexico - Paulina & Juan Pedro


And in that moment, I swear we were infinite...

It was 2013 when I first saw the movie... and the phrase has been in my head ever since.

Back in October, I was morning walking along the beach in Cancun, deep in my own thoughts in planning my later session for the day, when I suddenly heard my name being called.  Loud and clear.  I kept on walking -for I thought I might not be the only one in the beach with my name-, when I heard it again. Now a decisive happy, loud and clear yell with my 7 letter name in it.

As I turned around, I saw a smiling couple laying beneath a palm hut.  They were tanned, grinning and definitely in love. I immediately recognized Paulina and Juan Pedro and walked towards them with the emotion of cool & random rendez-vous in unexpected places. A few weeks earlier I'd done their beautiful wedding in Irapuato, and they were now on their last stop from their adventurous honeymoon. We started talking about wedding moments, about lost suitcases, about life, adventure and the amazing countries they visited.

I listened and talked and laughed, and in the middle of everything the word infinite came to mind, alongside the movie quote I've kept in my head for so long.  They were both infinite, in that now and then, without any knowledge of time and space.  They were simply there, glowing with energy and love, in the context of being everything and anything.  I held that feeling in my heart and promised I'd write about it when their blog post saw the light.

These are the moments that make my art my life.  Love. Life. Infinity.

Have you ever felt infinite?   

Mar Pierce