San Miguel de Allende House in the Hills Wedding - Cynthia & Matt


San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful little mountain town that's nestled in central Mexico.  Known for it's artist community, colorful houses, the San Miguel Parroquia and it's famous cobblestone streets, it was chosen by Cynthia and Matt for their destination wedding. And now here's the back story...

- I'll pick you up after school.

We were nearly 15 and Cynthia was the only one of my friends who drove a car.  And even more, owned a car.   That, and being the youngest of 4 sisters, entitled her immediately as wise grown up material, enough to confide her with my life, my thoughts and my teenage boy crushes.

Cynthia was easygoing and smart, and used to live in a cool triangle house at the end of the block.  -way before hipster triangle houses were even a thing-.  And we grew up doing what all 90's teenagers in small towns did best, from house parties that went from 30 to 100 in an hour, to movie watching marathons, eternal phone conversations, tons of letter writing, and later on, intensely bar begging -at the only bar in town-, school skipping to go to the beach and nights spent riding in cars with friends.

The simple life. 


And then 2016:

- I'm getting married and I can't think of anyone else to photograph our wedding!

And I was honored.  Out of love and friendship, and time and memories.  For life has a way of reuniting people and crossing old paths. I've always said that I keep all of my weddings close to my heart, and I do, but every once in a while a wedding will come with a tune of it's own.  A tune I'm familiar with, a tune I can sing instinctively, from memory and from the heart.. 

And on a final note: Matt, you got the confident, smart, good hearted and kind girl who owned the streets at 15. You got it good.