BEST OF 2016



2016 has been one of the greatest and most challenging years in my life.

It was a year of hard work, of stretching hours and making editing nights longer, of airplane/hotels/cities multitasking and crazy time zone adjusting.  This was a year of programming while making dreams come to life. This was the year where all my MBA studies came in handy, alongside a carefully drawn plan to keep love, business and energy running.  This was the year that I outdreamed my plans and went further.  I stretched, worked, fought, climbed, ducked, laughed, and then laughed some more and finally got there. 

And boy, did it paid off.

And it all started with booking the best couples ever.  The kindest, the warmest.  The ones I choose to work for.  Because I can only reflect art from beauty that comes within.  From strength that comes within.  From stories that want to be told as they are. Of good hearted people, of compassionate souls and free spirits who believe in synchronicity, in love and in all small things that bring back joy as memories.

In my family we like to think Life is as kind as the people you fill it with.  And not only I follow after this belief, I live by it. And each year I get better in surrounding myself by kind people, in my personal and in my work life. And letting go of those who don't.  And when I do, I start creating. I am liberated. I am pumped. I become Free. And Passionate. And Alive. 

And then I raise the bar to levels never thought possible.  And I go, and go and go.  And don't stop. Because the kindness and love you receive makes your achievement attainable and your dreams possible.

THANK YOU Life for coming just at the right time. For the words that will make sense to each couple and then to none haha. Thank you lucky Winter for kicking off the year with a sunset by the beach in Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Thank you Spring for taking me back to San Miguel and the Riviera Maya several times (my second and third homes! insert emoji with heart eyes please!) and for my english, canadian, dutch, italian and american couples (I'm thinking about branching out speciality restaurants!) who tied the knot there! Thank you all for coming to Mexico and loving what we love, and for choosing it as a unique place to get married!  For believing in the greatness of our country and sharing it with the ones you love.   And you know what? After you leave, you're part mexican at heart!

Thank you Miami for coming to town and making it a p-a-r-t-y to remember! Thank you San Diego for bringing it and rocking' it, and for showing me love is eternal.  Houston for doing a #partyoftwo that was actually for 200!  And Dallas, for showing me what a last dance should be like...

THANK you Mexico for being my home, my values and my pride. And to all the beautiful mexican cities, colonial towns and seaside beaches that hosted gorgeous weddings this year! Including all the vendors, staff, planners, make up artists, floral designers, musicians, and all who made it happen!

Gracias a mis parejas mexicanas, a mis regios y norteños, a los que hablan cantadito y me recuerdan poquito las tardes en Baja; a mis parejas de Guanajuato, de Jalisco y del DF, y las que se me estén escapando también. Gracias por su confianza, por el cariño de sus familias y su increíble manera de hacerme parte de todo. Por los coches antiguos y los sarapes de colores, por los fuegos artificiales y las haciendas de ensueño.  Por los bailes de salsa, por los perros en casas, por los zapatos que les dio papá;  las historias en una mina, los alcatraces pintados, los diseñadores de vestidos y los encuentros en una playa sin querer.  Por los viajes en un coche rojo, por la tierra de mi padre, por un cuento de amor que debió haber sido hace mucho hasta que lo fue y por una familia nueva.  GRACIAS.

Y como soy pochita...

Finally thank you Summer for bringing Madrid back to my heart and for my spaniard family in giving me my most needed disconnection to re-connect. Thank you Autumn for allowing me to escape and get lost for weeks in order to launch my Online Print Shop with Italy in sight. Thank you seasons for making me believe I'm still allowed to fly away to create, to escape, to reinvent myself.

And what would probably was the turning point of my year, THANK you India for the ways you invented, for the music that made me feel alive, for the mehendi and the art, and the mandap under which falling in love by the stars would be easy again.

Thank you Life for the colors and the love.

Now go, be free. 

Mar Pierce